Donna Valenti Photography | The Adventures of an American Girl in the South...South Korea! A few of my "not so favorite" things!

The Adventures of an American Girl in the South...South Korea! A few of my "not so favorite" things!

August 03, 2015  •  1 Comment

Today's blog isn't going to be about places, but rather about "things," a few of which I'd like to share with you. "Things" you wouldn't know unless you were here...

#1) Selfies...everyone's doing it!  everyone, everywhere...hand held phone or selfie stick, you can't get away from it. I've never seen such a vein group of people in my life!  Girls walk around with compact mirrors and are constantly checking themselves. What follows?  Usually a selfie. With or without friends, it doesn't matter. 

#2) T-shirts with American slogans that make absolutely no sense. none. n,o,n,e, NONE! It's obvious that they're big sellers because they say something in English, but why not say something that won't have English speaking people shaking their heads in disbelief?  Ironically, and someone tell please Russell Simmons, the old, original Run DMC shirts are HUGE here!  I'm talking the original from day one logo... I'm not kidding. What year was that???

#3) For as polite as people can be when they are casually walking on the street, that's how impolite they can be on the bus and subway.  Just barge on past me, no problem!  Turn around and say excuse me?  Can't be bothered!  I've spoken to several people about this, and apparently it's a way of life here.  This is one adaption I'll pass on, since I sometimes don't know my own strength!

Thought you'd get a kick out of that...

I've pretty much dumped my Korean translator after realizing that some of my questions weren't even close to what i was asking!  No wonder people would sometimes laugh when they read the translation!  They think I'm nuts!  

I've seen so much of this beautiful part of the country, with so much more that will just be impossible to fit in. I've got a biggie coming up that I will fill you in on when the time is right!  (that's called a tease, FYI...)  

Haluleul jeulgil su issseubnida, which hopefully means "enjoy the day!"




nice to meet you yesterday it was fun to explore things with you!
On to Japan today.
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