A few testimonials from my debut New York City exhibit, May 1st through May 24th, 2017 at the Dejavu Gallery, E. 60th Street.



"Donna is one of the most exciting new photographers to come out of South Florida in a long time.  Her work shows an experienced eye, a sense of composition that we generally only see in a very experienced photographer.  Donna's New York solo debut is one of the gems of the spring art season."

Frank Bernarducci

Bernarducci-Meisel Gallery

57th Street, NYC



"Donna acted as a booking agent for my artists under the AM-PM banner; Crystal Waters, 2 in a Room and Noel, to name a few.  She put lots of hard work into what she did then, and has put just as much hard work into her photography.  Her New York City debut exhibit shows that off perfectly."

Vito Bruno

AM-PM Entertainment, NYC

(currently running for Brooklyn Borough President)