Donna Valenti Photography | The Adventures of an American Girl in the South...South Korea! The "Machu Picchu" of Korea

The Adventures of an American Girl in the South...South Korea! The "Machu Picchu" of Korea

July 29, 2015  •  2 Comments

When you get together for a day of shooting with someone who does this for a living, knows exactly where to go, and is very serious about his craft - you better be prepared!  OK Michael Kazemi, you met your match!  We decided on the Gamcheon Culture Village for starters...A train to a bus that ascends into windy mountain terrain; twisty, steep, sharp turns...don't distract the driver, please!!! Get off at the village, look up, and think there is no way you're gonna make this happen! Even 37 years of a 5th floor walkup wasn't enough preparation!  Luckily for me, I had the best tour guide by my soon as i saw the first overlook, I was in... a little history-Gamcheon Village is where refugees camped out during the war, and practically nothing's changed there since. They made it their village, and it still is. hundreds of tiny homes nestled in the mountains on tight winding footpaths. your walk practically puts you in their living rooms. it's extremely tight on the pathways before they open up to wider spots where you can stop for a bite to eat or take pictures in a "photo zone..." our photo zone was just about everything!  

knowing the history and being right in there was really exciting for me.  made me forget that i was carrying heavy camera gear, extra lenses, a tripod, plus all my personal crapola!  a lot of weight to carry up a mountain on a hot and humid summer day. sweating from head to toe, my clothes are drenched, my hair is drenched. i don't care... a few hours and couple of hundred pictures later, we move on. If my trip ended today or went on for another month, this would be the Busan highlight. Michael and I finished off our excursion by doing some night shooting on the rooftop of one of the highest buildings in Busan. Spectacular views all the way around. A bite to eat before heading home.  Another awesome day. I kept up with a pro, and slept like a baby!  Thanks Michael, I definitely couldn't have done that one without you!  (personally, I'm afraid he'll change his phone number so he can get some rest...)

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Kristine Haag(non-registered)
Hey Donna, thanks for a very entertaining morning! Your stories are wonderful and you paint such beautiful pictures with your words. Can't wait to see the photos to accompany them. Have fun and looking forward to more adventures ahead!
Michael Kazemi(non-registered)
it is my pleasure to company a charming lady and a pro-photographer. I am glad you enjoyed the photo walk.
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