Greg Spring(non-registered)
Stopped by for a quick look. Love the Sunshine State Gallery. All the best.
Jim Settle(non-registered)
Very nice pics, and the variety of subjects is wonderful. Just love the clarity!
Mike Cotler(non-registered)
Great site! Looking forward to seeing you and the work in April.
gary bartoloni(non-registered)
You have a free and easy spirit in your work..very refreshing !
John Tiralosi(non-registered)
Wow, great job on the art and people pix.
Love it!!!
Mary Yu(non-registered)
Great versatility in your photographs. I love your ability to capture the essence of life, being it a social event, the action of a ball player, the personalities of the animal kingdom, or the atmospheric impression of a landscape. The gallery on "Don't fence me" in deserves to be seen by all. Every photo has an emotional impact on me.
Sabina Rojas(non-registered)
Thank you for doing such a beautiful job photographing our special evening.
Kai Yang(non-registered)
Donna, you photos are amazing. I love to have your work in our art gallery one day. It was such a pleasure to know you through Sabina & Rosie's art opening event. Your photos look great! Can't wait to more work from you!
Everything looks fantastic Donna. Love all the pics
Bob Gray(non-registered)
Your work is EXTRAORDINARY!! It makes me either want to get back into photography, or just throw my camera equipment away, because it truly will take me a while to achieve the excellence and skill you display on your site! You are a phenomenal photographer, Ms. Valenti, and I anxiously await the gorgeous photos that you post next for the entertainment value, and the definite inspiration it gives me to achieve more, and produce better works of my own. And for that, I thank you very much for sharing these great works of art with us!
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