Everything looks fantastic Donna. Love all the pics
Bob Gray(non-registered)
Your work is EXTRAORDINARY!! It makes me either want to get back into photography, or just throw my camera equipment away, because it truly will take me a while to achieve the excellence and skill you display on your site! You are a phenomenal photographer, Ms. Valenti, and I anxiously await the gorgeous photos that you post next for the entertainment value, and the definite inspiration it gives me to achieve more, and produce better works of my own. And for that, I thank you very much for sharing these great works of art with us!
Yvonne Fernandez(non-registered)
I find your work to be extraordinary for many different reasons: Never before have I witnessed baseball photographs so intimate, as well as, their tools for the game. Widens the perspective immensely as to who they are as human beings. Your way of showing more than what meets the eye. I find that I cannot go quickly by your photographs, I must sit still and ponder and immerse myself. Your eye, your senses, your soul comes through, and you are able to show us moments never captured. Your captures however live on. Bravo!
Camille DiSclafani(non-registered)
Hi Donna! Happy we met today and that you shared your passion. I love your art, especially Smiling Faces :-)
Doug LeClaire(non-registered)
This is just awesome work. Congratulations! Love the diversity. Huge fan of your B & W work....Oregon Subway System is superb. Great shot of Reggie on your baseball site.
Gina Battle(non-registered)
Donna, another 'home run'! Sorry, just love the sports gallery. I believe I said in another entry that I couldn't wait to see what was in store for you next. You're utilizing your talents masterfully. it didn't take long for me to start buying your art. It's all so amazing. I'm a big fan!
Cathie Allman(non-registered)
I don't think I ever signed your guestbook. As good a time as any. :) You are incredible.
Gary M(non-registered)
Beautiful photos! Glad to be apart of the gallery!
Jane Davie(non-registered)
Beautiful work Donna, and I love your sense of humor - the captions made me smile. Pleasure meeting you at gallery walk tonight. Hope to see you again and best wishes for a successful showing at Florida Gulf Coast University campus in Punta Gorda!
Natt Chomsky(non-registered)
You have a wonderful eye, Donna. In fact you have two of them! Great work!
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